VESTEK Support | MB230


This part explains software update procedures for MB230 client. There are 2 different ways of updating;

  • USB Update : This section describes software update operation via USB step by step. In addition, profile update is explained as optional.
  • Internet Update : Software update process could be performed via FTP as explained in this part and these operations could perform by two different ways : Remote Interface and ALC Executable.

USB Update

USB Update requires following files existed in root directory of USB. Those files are located on download section in a RAR file with a name of “VERSION.rar“. Then, please plug your USB memory to client, electricity plug off/on client device while pressing OK button continuously on remote control until red light blinks rapidly. The initial installation page must be appear after successful install.

File Names 


Internet Update

Please click on FTP Server Settings to review creating a new ftp user and creating ftp server on IIS. All the required files will be provided by b2bsupport group. In order to learn if additional profile upgrade is required within the versions, please contact with

Remote Interface : Connect TV via its TCP Port 1986 (You can use “putty” or any other similar applications). Type “FSU” and enter as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Send FSU on CMD

ALC Executable (Advanced LAN Commands Software) : Via discover or manual IP adding methods, one or multiple TVs could be found and selected. Then, click “FSU” button under “Admin Menu Commands” in order to perform Internet Update. Please click on the link for ALC User Guide.

Figure 2: Send FSU via ALC

Profile Update

The following files should be copied on a folder called as “profile” in USB:

File Names 


Please perform steps below for profile update:

  1. Go to Service Menu and press USB Operations. Wait for approximately 5 seconds. 
  2. Reboot your TV by electricity plug off/on.