VESTEK Support | Rooms



The hotel list of rooms is shown on this page. This list includes room no, description, is vacant?, room owner and advertisement name. Next to each room are the edit, details and delete buttons. On the Room details page, the information about the room, registered customers and the control page of the TV in the room opens.

You can examine the TV command page in detail.

At the bottom there are alarms and messages shortcuts for the room.

The alarm list and messages for that room are filtered on these pages. The Room list button allows you to return to the room page.

If there is a TV or customer registered in the room, the corresponding room cannot be deleted. First of all, It is necessary to delete TV or customer.

At the bottom left of the page are the create new, download excel, upload excel and search buttons.

With the download excel button, the room list is converted to excel file and downloaded. With upload excel, the excel file containing the room list is uploaded to the page and saved in the room list.

a. Search

You can easily search the room list by filling out the room no and is vacant checkbox.